Dog Walking

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you might not be able to give your pup the exercise he needs.  Happy Paws offer a variety of options to help you out.  I will come and collect your dog and walk them for you.  I do a long (1-2 hours) group walk every day.  Sometimes the main event happens in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon (usually dependent on the weather).  We walk at Beacon Hill and Watermead Country Park as well as on the fields at the back of my home (crops permitting).  Any suggestions for new and exciting walks gratefully recieved.

If a walk around the block is all your dog requires, I can do that too.

Dog Boarding

Let's face it.... sometimes you need a bit of you time.  Yes - you love your dog, but they can't come with you on a sneaky weekend break to Paris or your honeymoon in the Maldives!  Don't worry, I'll look after your baby while you have your well earned time off!

Dog Taxi

Life is far too short for you to be taking time off work to take your dog to a routine vet appointment or to the groomers.  Whether your dog is with me for the day or not, I'm happy to take them wherever they need to go.